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Being "certified" (CCC) means holding the Certificate of Clinical Competence which is an internationally recognized professional credential that represents a level of excellence in the field of Speech Language Pathology (CCC-SLP).  The MS in front represents that I hold a Masters of Science.


ASHA- the American Speech and Hearing Association is the professional organization for Audiologists and Speech Language Pathologists.


Difficulty with production of speech sounds. Articulation impairment is difficulty making individual speech sounds. A motor based error.  A phonological impairment is a simplification of the sound system.  Difficulty mastering sound systems at a typical developmental rate.


Aphasia is an impairment of language and speech.  Either expression or comprehension of language and/or speech.  Usually caused by brain damage.


A motor speech disorder that affects the ability to speak. Can occur in children as a developmental speech disorder or in adults as a result of brain damage.


Executive Functions are the skills that allow us to be successful in life.  Each person develops them at different rates.  They include: metacognition, organization, working memory, planning, time management and emotional control among other things.  They do not fully develop until around 30+ and can be improved at any age!


Individualized Education Plan.  This is an explanation of services a child receives at school including special education, speech, occupation and/or physical therapy, Adaptive Physical Education (APE) and other services.  It is created by the student's special education teacher and/or speech pathologist and modified by entire team including student if age appropriate and their parents.


Autism is defined as a range of conditions that are characterized by challenges with social skills, sensory interaction, repetitive behaviors, speech and nonverbal communication. Each person with a diagnosis of Autism is unique.  Only a doctor can provide a diagnosis of Autism given information provided from a team of professionals.


Marydee Sklar developed the Sklar Method and the program called Seeing My Time.  This program focuses on time management, organization and planning skills for students in grades 5/6 into adulthood.  This program along with individual and group training can provide skills to assist with many aspects of life. I am trained in this program and have seen it transform lives.  Although I use the programming and materials, I am not affiliated directly with the Seeing My Time franchise.


This is a trademarked methodology created by Michelle Garcia Winner and Pamela Crooke based out of Santa Clara, California.  They have amazing tools and methods that are widely respected and researched.  I have completed the level 1 clinical training and use their materials in my sessions that focus on social learning. I enjoy using these materials in my therapy as necessary, however, I am not affiliated with their clinic or services offered.


DIR Floortime is a method of interaction and relationship building therapy created by psychologists Stanley Greenspan PhD and Serena Wielder PhD.  It stands for Developmental Individual Difference Relationship Based Model.


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