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All services are offered in client's home or via teletherapy.

Areas Served: Portlants west side including Beaverton, Hillsboro, Forest Grove and surrounding areas as available

I am a certified DIR Floortime therapist meaning I follow a Developmental model of therapy, work to understand Individual differences and foster Relationship in all of my sessions. I am a Natural Language Acquisition trained clinician and have a passion for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC).  I am also trained in the SOS Approach to Feeding, Hanen More Than Words parent coaching program, Seeing My Time Executive Functioning program and Beckman Oral Motor Interventions.  I have 16 years of experience working in schools, acute care, inpatient rehabilitation units and private clinics.  I specialize in working with Autistic children and their families on building a communication system, social communication, establishing emotional connections, working on self-advocacy and building emotional and self-regulation skills.  I also offer coaching services for feeding, early language and social communication.  Please reach out to schedule a free consultation and for more information!



Using my training with the DIR Floortime method of therapy as well as the parent coaching program Hanen More Than Words, I provide play based therapy to those struggling to make connections, have relationship based interactions and understand and use language. I provide therapy in individual and sibling included interactions.  During sessions we work together to establish intentional communication via any modality: spoken language, gestures or use of Assistive Augmentative Communication (AAC).  

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Feeding challenges can be frustrating and stressful both at home and out in public.  Using the SOS Approach to Feeding program as well as Responsive Feeding and Food Chaining, I provide a sensory based play experience with food to help kids increase the range of foods they accept while building the oral motor skills necessary to safely manage a variety of textures. I also work with families to provide coaching for mealtime routines to help children move from being picky eaters to becoming explorative feeders.  


Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)

Through play interventions and motivational activities as well as using feature matching we will explore various AAC software and determine the best one for your child or loved one.  A full assessment and funding report for insurance is included as well as intervention.  I provide ongoing family education and coaching on AAC useage and offer training for other providers both at school and in the community.  

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Executive Functions are the tools that help us with time management and goal setting which are critical for success filled living.  We develop these skills at different rates, however many adolescents and adults find the demands of school or work to be overwhelming due to a deficit in these areas.  Many people struggle with organization, planning, time management and prioritizing.  If this is you or your child, there is help!  

I am trained in the Executive Functioning Success Seeing My Time program developed by Marydee Sklar of the Sklar Method.  When combined with other personalized methods, this program can help a scattered teenager or adult become organized, more efficient, and achieve goals. Please get in touch to schedule an initial consultation.

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