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What Patients Are Saying

Kurt and Denise testimonial picture .jpe

Our family would highly recommend working with Rachel for any of your speech therapy needs. Rachel is very professional but personable. She is able to quickly assess the needs of the client. We started working with Rachel February of 2018. At that time, our son Kurt was able to speak some words but not able to identify names of objects and functionality. Rachel was able to work with Kurt to help him improve his speech and cognitive skills. She thinks “outside the box” – more so than most therapists we have worked with. In our case, this is very important in helping our son move forward. Rachel is focused, productive with time and helps you meet goals that you set. Most importantly, Rachel makes your session fun – changing things up so the client stays focused! You will not be disappointed!!

Denise - Las Vegas

Rachel has been working with my 2 1/2 year old son for about one year.  My son has experienced several developmental delays due to prematurity and other medical setbacks, with speech being the greatest long-term concern.  He was very reluctant to make any sounds in the beginning. Through play, Rachel has helped us discover what works for my son's specific needs.  Her insight, guidance and genuine care has made all the difference.   My son is now using 2-3 word sentences and is able to more effectively communicate his needs!  We always look forward to working with Rachel!

Rebecca - Las Vegas

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